Sunday, 29 April 2018

Two Cakes and a Weekend in Sicily

What do the two cakes and the weekend in Sicily have in common? Two birthdays and one joint celebration. Both my husband and I are celebrating our birthdays in April and every year we do something for both birthdays: at 37 we went to Bruges, at 38 we visited Eden Project for the first time and since then it became one of our favourite destinations, at 39 we visited some National Trust sites (we didn't have the budget for something more 'exotic', but we LOVE national trusting 😊 ) and this year we went to Sicily.

Ever since we watched Inspector Montalbano series, we wanted to visit the Italian island and this April we finally got there! It was only a short visit, but we fell in love with the place and we definitely want to go back. As I haven't done anything since the last post, I am sharing the cakes and some photos of sunny and colourful Sicily. Enjoy!

Sunny Sicily - enjoying the Mediterranean sea and having a peek at Montalbano's house. Recommended places to visit: Punta Secca, Marina di Ragusa, Scicli, Noto. The best food for me: vegetarian panini and mulberry ice cream.

Colourful Sicily - fascinated with colours and patterns. 

First Birthday: clementine cake with lemon curd - I am daring you to try it; it's absolutely delicious!

Second Birthday: Mary Berry coffee cake (it didn't turn out as dark as hers and my guess is that it wasn't as flavoursome as hers either, so next time I will add more (concentrated) coffee or if you have any tips, please feel free to share) and no-bake peanut butter chocolate fudge - both delicious!


  1. Sicily looks beautiful. what a lovely trip.
    Your cakes both look delicious. For my coffee cake I use a few teaspoons of expresso (we are lucky enough to have a nespresso machine) or camp coffee essence. My mum always used camp coffee essence and she was a great cook, apparently it makes awful coffee though so I don't recommend drinking it!

    1. Oh, thank you. We have an espresso machine too, but in the recipe it required instant coffee and we don't have it so I thought that 'real' coffee would be better. Coffee essence sounds good!

  2. Belated congratulations to you both! The trip looks amazing, and the cakes look delicious. I have tried strong french press coffee (similar to espresso, I expect, in strength). My Mum and Gran used camp coffee in their coffee cakes - I think people really did drink it during the war years. :oP

    1. Thank you for the tip, now I have to try it next time. 😊