Sunday, 24 January 2021

Spread the Love with Hand-painted Hanging Hearts


When I normally create these hanging hearts, what I have in mind is the forthcoming events such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Easter or Spring. They are perfect to give to loved ones for these occasions, but this year is a bit different. Due to lockdown 3 when staying home is a must, it would be so nice for people to send little messages by post to loved ones to remind them that they are precious. I know we communicate a lot online nowadays, but there is something thoughtful about sending messages by post. We are so used to giving cards for every occasion, imagine if a loved one would receive a nice little hand-painted heart with a hand-written note. How lovely is that? With this gesture in mind and a few people that I want to send some hearts to, I started to create these new hearts, painted with floral pattern in my style. 

Below are the step by step photos and a link to my Folksy shop where they will be listed shortly. 

As for materials, I use my normal acrylic paints and varnish, the same paints I am using to create my artwork. In fact, these hearts look like mini paintings as you can clearly see the brush strokes and textures. Please enjoy the step-by-step photos and don't forget that you are loved. 💗


  1. They are utterly gorgeous. I've been admiring thes eon IG whenever you've shared them. So pretty and such a lovely little gift to send to someone who you are missing. (and we all have a lot of them at the moment!)

    1. Thank you and yes, we all miss our loved ones :).