Friday, 18 September 2020

Allotment Life: What to Do with Your Green Tomatoes


What do you do if you cared for your tomatoes until they are about to ripen only to realise they contracted some kind of disease so they turn brown instead of red?  Would you give up or find the most amazing green tomatoes chutney recipe? Yep, the latter is the better option. Absolutely yummy!! 😋

You may know how much I hate waste and how much I try to use up everything I've got. I even made some jam from a red melon than I didn't like but didn't want to put it in the bin either. So with the tomatoes, seeing them ill and thinking about how much effort and energy I put into growing them I would have felt so sorry to see them in the waste bin. 

As it is my first year of gardening, I have no idea what sort of disease it was, but the green unripened tomatoes looked too healthy not to try and save them somehow. And this is how I came across the above chutney recipe. 

Mine isn't green as in the original recipe, but it is the most delicious chutney I have ever eaten. Here are some step by step photos. Enjoy!

Weighing the green tomatoes to work out the proportion of the ingredients

Chopping the green tomatoes

Adding sultanas, red onion, sugar and vinegar

Bring to the boil

Boiling for an hour until thickens 

Pour it in sterilized jars

Eating the leftover with a cheese platter


  1. Qué buena pinta, apetece comprar tomates verdes y preparar tu receta.

    Encontraste una buena opción para aprovechar los tomates, suerte para la próxima cosecha.


  2. What a wonderful idea with green tomato, I bet it tastes delicious..