Saturday, 10 October 2020

Make Your Own Spiders for Halloween


I never thought I would make my own spiders for Haloween but after having a browse in the craft store and seeing the black chenille stems and black pom-poms on sale, I thought, "that's it; I must try!". I also made the spider web using burlap yarn, but unfortunately, I don't have step-by-step photos. Having said that, I am sure that if you look closely, you can easily guess how I made it and you can try your hands at making your own. 🕸

Luckily for this project, I still have this door opening on the kitchen door that we don't know yet what to do with. We would like to commission a stained glass artwork but we don't have the budget for it right now. This proved to be rather fortunate for my Haloween project, but you can do it on a picture frame. 

For 2 spiders you need:

-6 long chenille stems

-4 pom-poms

-4 eyes (I used candy eyes)




My Halloween decor is far from complete and no, I won't go over the top, just a few details here and there: maybe a witch on the broom (which is actually a pencil) and probably a vampire to go with the sign (both my husband and I are from Transilvania so I thought the sign was a nice touch with a meaning). As for cooking, maybe some mummy hotdogs, mummy brownies and pumpkin soup. Watch this space for the next post 👀.