Thursday, 24 December 2020

Merry Christmas 2020


What an extraordinary year it's been and no words can describe the amount of distress, insecurity and instability we've all experienced at a global scale. I won't be getting into any political and medical debate that surrounds our country these days, but I will carry on doing what I do best and keeping my spirit positive while inspiring others. No matter what I have been thought in my life, I always had my hobby as an outlet for keeping my mental state healthy and happy and I always recommend others to try it. Painting, crafting, cooking, gardening, reading  - having something on the side when the future looks bleak, will always give some sort of balance. 

Now, getting back to the reason for this post is to actually showcase our Christmas this year. It's only the two of us and we don't have guests as we are used to, but we still wanted to get our home ready for the festivities. The majority of cooking is done so I won't be doing anything for a few days - everything is prepared in advance and some dishes are actually better the next day. 

I have done all my baking yesterday - gingerbread cookies, Hungarian poppy roll and, of course, bread and now we just rest, relax, talk to families and enjoy the moment.

I can't end this post without mentioning how grateful we are that we both have our jobs, that we have a home to decorate and food on the table. We are not going over the top with the latter, just comfort food for the whole weekend while making sure we don't need to go to the shops for anything. Overall, our Christmas is actually quite simple and frugal, so don't be deceived by the photos, as you all know how much I love taking and styling them! 😀

Stay safe, everyone, and have a Merry Christmas! x

Last year we made the change from red to blue/copper/gold and we love it! Plus lots of handmade decorations from fellow artists. 

I have been using printed Christmas carols (notations and lyrics) on small pieces of paper to decorate the mantel for a number of years now. 

A couple of months ago, I started to learn some very easy tunes on the keyboard and now I am practising some Christmas carols for the big day. One had to keep herself busy during the lockdown. 

And, of course, some hand-painted decorations - some for me, some for friends and some for my online shops. Everybody wins. 😀

The windows need a bit of attention, too. 

Gingerbread cookies in the making and final product - I just had to make this collage!

Traditional Hungarian poppy rolls from the region of Romania I am coming from (Transylvania 🧛). Bringing a bit of our culture into festivities. 

First time I made this and I am absolutely happy with how it turned out. I made it before Christmas and, of, course, it's already eaten, but I will definitely try some more. 

Merry Christmas, everyone! Crăciun Fericit! 

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