Saturday, 28 November 2020

Hand-painted Christmas Decorations, Teodora Paintings Style


My hand-painted Christmas decorations are selling quite well on both Etsy and Folksy platforms, not just around Christmas but all year round. I keep them listed and I am surprised to see them going in the middle of the summer. As they were flying off the shelves so to speak, I decided to create some more, even though it might be a bit late in the year. 

In painting them, I am keeping the same design, a winter scene with my signature cottage and various colours, bearing in mind that there may be lots of people out there who decorate their trees in different colours, apart from the traditional red and green. I am also painting my signature deer with lyre antlers and this year I have introduced a cute owl that can be found in some of my latest paintings as well. The back of the hanging decorations is also painted. 

Even though I started sometimes last week and I have been working on all of them at the same time, I found that painting at a small scale could be harder than big scale as the details are more fiddly. Some are already listed in my Folksy shop and I still have a few to finish this weekend. 

Because it took me such a long time to complete them, I struggled with the pricing so those of you who saw the changes in my shop, I do apologise for this. They are like mini paintings and I spent many hours to finish them yet at the same time I had to bear in mind people's budgets for such items. I decided that £12.50 - £13.00 is quite fair for me and for customers as they are all unique, not mass-produced. I can assure you that if you got the chance to purchase one of them at a higher price and in the meantime decided to lower the prices, I would have refunded you the difference. 

I really like painting these and I think I will start to do some floral ones for Valentines, Mother's Day and Easter. In the meantime, enjoy the work-in-progress photos as well as the finished items. 


  1. These are beautiful, I've enjoyed seeing them on IG as you've showcased them this week :-)