Thursday, 22 October 2020

Halloween Food


I have never done Haloween inspired food before, nor have I decorated the house for this autumn celebration, although I did add some decorative pumpkins in the past. For me, is more of an autumnal display but this year, I decided to do a little bit more. So in preparation for the big day (or weekend), I practised some easy recipes, took some photos and then I decided to share them here. There is not a lot to write about them as they are very simple and straightforward and as a bonus, they are truly delicious! My husband and I decided to make the mummy hot dog one of our favourite party snacks. 

Pumpkin soup

This is a simple soup made with vegetable and pumpkin flesh. Cut the vegetables and sautee them in butter, add stock of your choice and then diced pumpkin, bring to the boil for approx 20-25 minutes and then pour it into a food processor.

Mummy hot dogs 

For this, I used shop-bought pizza dough (although I make my own pizza) because it is easier to cut it in stripes needed for the mummies. With the leftover dough, you can cut it in Halloween themed shapes and make some mini pizza snacks or you can make doughballs. 
Get the recipe here. 

Halloween brownies

Just your normal brownie recipe and decorate the pieces to your liking. I know that the decorations I used are for cupcakes, but I really like what they looked like on brownies. 

How about you? What are you cooking for Halloween this year?  

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