Thursday, 11 November 2021

Hand-painted Christmas Decorations Part II


Throughout the years, I have created quite a few Christmas decorations in my own style, from using art prints after my paintings to actually painting the baubles. They were well received in both my Folksy and Etsy shops so I decided to create some more. 

I love painting these decorations and I always imagine a certain theme or decor for them, from nautical and traditional to more modern colours like yellow or turquoise. There isn't too much to say about the technique as I am using plywood plain baubles and then I paint them in acrylic in my own style. The main features are cottages, deer with lyre antlers, fish or owls, elements that you can see in my paintings, too. 

I can see them in a themed Christmas tree as well as in a handmade one or in an 'everything goes' one. I have created a few photo collages to show the viewer different colour combinations for inspiration. I hope you like them. 😃

I really like this nautical theme and the inspiration for this is the British Isles themselves. We live on an island and I always incorporate some nautical elements in my home decor to celebrate my adoptive country. 

This photo collage shows the work-in-progress stages, from the plain baubles to the completed ones. I work on several at the time adding layers upon layers until I am happy with the result. The process is quite fiddly as I found it more difficult to paint small items than bigger ones. 

I really like how this combination of yellow and red looks like in a white tree. It is elegant and simple at the same time without being too busy or too kitsch. Although, at Christmas time, it's nothing wrong with the latter. 

Red and green still remain one of the most popular combinations at Christmas so these baubles will look great as part of a traditional themed decor. 

These cottages look really cute either on their own or as a collection of two or three or more. 

My version of "Partridge in a Pear Tree".

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